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"Gordon of Sesame Street": Roscoe Orman

Roscoe Orman is recognized by tens of millions of parents as a trusted source of guidance and advice. In his 36th year as "Gordon of Sesame Street" he has become a role model and touchstone for a generation of young parents.

It is paramount that the work promotes the social and educational enrichment of his audience, both child and adult. Roscoe Orman remains steadfast in his commitment to use his talent to empower all generations to be informed and conscientious citizens of the 21st Century’s global community... read more "The Impact of Sesame Street"

His more than three decades of work on PBS-TV, has allowed Roscoe Orman to promote his mission to people around the world!

An advocate for public programming that benefits the enrichment of viewers and listeners, Roscoe Orman is proud to be associated with two of America's most trusted institutions: Sesame Street and PBS.

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